Topographic Single Nucleotide Polymorphism

Please cite this paper if you publish or present results using TopoSNP analysis:
  • Stitziel N O, Binkowski T A, Tseng Y Y, Kasif S, Liang J. 2004. topoSNP: a topographic database of non‐synonymous single nucleotide polymorphisms with and without known disease association. Nucleic Acids Research. 32(suppl_1), D520-D522.
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    Examples of querying TopoSNP
    Gene Symbol dbSNP PDB SwissProt
    FXN rs541981554 1EKG Q16595

    Statistics for Current TopoSNP Release
    dbSNP Release OMIM Release
    B150 (GRCh38p7) Dec 20 2017